Queens Wears is a clothing brand that produces and sells unique and exclusive Ghanaian smock textile and other modern product lines made from the smock textile. We also offer fashion conscious consumers, beautifully designed styling services from our fashion designers.


Our vision is to create the best emotional experience with our customers by being the world’s first class largest international platform for African fashion lovers from all walks of life, age and sex to patronize beautiful and unique African made fabrics and other modern African inspired product lines.


Our mission is to promote the Ghanaian smock fabric, provide high quality, variety, hand-made product lines and accessories that blend the fabric with modern western styles, not forgetting that our customers are our priority. As part of our business, we offer fashion design and styling services. We also provide the platform for gift cards where you can order products to be delivered to another recipient as a gift. We’re passionate about promoting the African fashion industry as a whole and we want to see the industry grow.


Queens Wears will put measures in place in order to promote a positive economic impact within our communities and to anyone who patronizes our products.

Queens Wears believes in promoting:

Awareness of the Unique African culture but eradicating the outmoded styling nature of our fabric.

High-Quality Standards

We strive to provide our customers with high quality, yet unique, products.

Dispelling Stereotypes

We strongly believe in promoting positive images of Africa and its dignified resources. We focus on ensuring that their distinguished stories are heard and their unique talents are recognized internationally.

Fair Supply Chain

We aim to promote, strengthen and expand the African fashion industry by partnering with African designers , especially women, to promote female entrepreneurship.

Ethical Fashion

We will only work with designers and artisans that provide fair wages and safe work conditions to their employees, as well as abide by the labour laws of their respective countries.

Economic Development

We are committed to investing in talented growing designers and providing them with opportunities to expand their brand and operations. Through their success, jobs are created and their local economies are stimulated.

Environmental Sustainability

We are dedicated to utilizing eco-friendly packaging for our pieces. From our shipping boxes to our retail bags, we ensure that they are recyclable and made from recycled materials.

Accessible Expertise

We’re committed to offering a boutique service locally. Whether you visit us online or in store we’ll guide you through our range of unique products and collaborations. We hope to expand internationally over the years.

Customer Service Excellence

We are dedicated to creating the best emotional experience with our customers of any age and sex around the world through African cultural inspired products, our design/styling services and unique store experience.

At Queens Wears, we believe in treating our customers just like royalty.