At Queens Wears, we are dedicated to promoting Ghanaian smock fabric with unrivalled quality, modern western fashion trends and great customer care.

Queens Wears was born out of the passion and desire to satisfy customers demands on clothing that reflects our African heritage but blends with contemporary style. "In 2018, I began retailing locally made footwear, shoes and smock fabric in the community I lived. That was right after I had graduated tertiary, waiting to be posted for National Service. I had people ordering from other parts of the country. During my retail and sales experience, I realized that customers really wanted locally made products and were ready to pay for them but they wanted fabrics and accessories that complemented these fabrics, other modernized versions of these fabrics or modern design styles of these African fabrics that they could use for their day to day activities. That's right!!  They were not alone in this" - Founder.

Today, Queens wears wants to treat you "Just Like Royalty", blend your entire lifestyle with the Ghanaian made textile - keeping you polished, professional at work, comfortable during casual hangouts and elegant during that special occasion. We want to promote the fabric and produce product lines from the fabric that blends with the 21st century modern fashion styles as well as incorporates into your everyday life.

Queens Wears is the destination of raw Ghanaian Smock Fabric, craftsmanship of the fabric and great customer care. We only give you what makes you Royalty.Smock fabric harks back to the long lost focus on blending our culture with the 21st century modern styling and identity over production. As its essence, smock fabric's quality is unique and nuanced but underutilized. The fabric's quality speaks for itself especially, when you pull on your color blending power.

We work with the best smock fabrics in Ghana, one of  undisputed leaders in woven fabric production. Their ability to weave fabrics of incredible beauty with depth of character has been legendary. Our fashion designs for customers stand out, thanks to Exe Garment whom we've partnered with for committing to unrivalled quality.

Our gratitude also goes to our technical team - Paperless Technologies. We hope to expand, capture new African fabrics, partner with other amazing individuals, event management companies, make-up artists, photographers and of course models who will lend us their beautiful faces to help make Queens Wears a reality.